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Last Minute Father's Day Gift Wrapping Ideas

Posted by Lyndall Smith on

Father's Day is rapidly approaching, so if you've chosen a gift for the most important man in yours or your children's lives, have you sorted the gift wrapping?

I've had to wrap a koi pond hoover this year so rather than trying to cover this behemoth in wrapping paper, I've opted for a simple pull bow around the item itself. This is a great option for large and awkwardly shaped gifts or real show-stoppers that speak for themselves.

We have a fantastic gift ribbon for cycling Dads or MAMILs featuring a bike print, perfect for wrapping up that Father's Day GoPro, Cycling Computer or new set of lycras.

 A reversible wrapping paper is also a great idea, any gift wrap you don't use can be saved for another occasion and if you use the opposite side will be a totally different design! We have a royal blue and silver stripe and polka dot design that is versatile, omni-occasion gift wrap, perfect for Father's Day gift wrapping......and beyond!

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