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Be like a pineapple....

Posted by Lyndall Smith on

Be like a pineapple....

  • Stand tall
  • Wear a crown
  • Be sweet on the inside
Pineapple Wrapping Paper UK

    Pineapples were once a sought-after commodity and a status symbol, often presented as a novel and expensive gift. Carry on this tradition with our Pineapple Luxury Wrapping Paper - elevate your gift giving!

    Giftwrapit's pineapple print matte gold wrapping paper is inspired by holidays spent at my Nanna's pineapple farm in Queensland, Australia. The matte gold represents the genteel inside environment, a world of chintz, gilt and fine china which I've contrasted by choosing the indelible rusty stain of red volcanic farm soil for the colour of the pineapples.


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