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Antidote to Blue Monday - Doughnut Gift Wrap

Posted by Lyndall Smith on

Today is commonly known as 'Blue Monday', statistically the most depressing day of the year. An accumulation of reasons not to be cheerful include - early December payday/ normal January payday (feels like forever!), credit card bills from the run-up to Christmas, guilt for overindulging on festive food and drink (compounded by healthy food regime and lack of cheeseboard), cold weather, living space bereft of shiny decoration and going back to work, school etc.

We have the antidote for all of this blue-greyness, it is bright, fun and has zero calories (unlike the real-life version). Doughnut gift wrap is a lovely way start 2018, for birthdays, thank you presents, drawer-lining, decoupage, or as a table runner at a teen or kids party.

Donut Wrapping Paper-Doughnut Gift Wrap-Teen Gift Wrap-Kids Wrapping Paper

Buy it now in 70cm x 2m Rolls for £2.20 each.

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