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Mothers Day Gift Wrapping Ideas

Posted by Lyndall Smith on

Mothers Day is coming soon and whether or not you have found the right gift yet, you will need to think about how you might present it.

Some Mums suit a traditional floral and pastel wrapped gift. Giftwrapit now stocks a gorgeous oriental floral print gift wrap complete with large blooms featuring colour pops of orange, yellow, aqua and a little bit of matte gold for luxury. In our photo we've added raffia ribbon for texture.

If your Mum has a sleeker, more linear style, you can't go wrong with a striped wrapping paper paired with a contrasting bow. A Giftwrapit classic is glossy striped gift wrap in pastel nude or pastel green, a beautiful quality paper - so strong and thick that you can add a high end luxury look to the most modest gift.

Mothers Day Present Ideas - Wrapping paper

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