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In Praise of Pull Bows....

Posted by Lyndall Smith on

Pull bows...I can't say enough about these little flat packed miracles! The cheap and cheeky ultimate gift wrap hack that looks super professional with minimal effort. Every time I make one I feel a child-like sense of wonder that something so simple can work so well.

There are a multitude of colours and finishes of pull bow available. You can contrast or co-ordinate pull bows with your wrapping paper, wrap them around boxes, hamper baskets, bottles, bicycles....yourself!

When they are flat they look like an arrow-shaped piece of ribbon. You open the the 'tail' end and grasp the narrow inner ribbons with one hand, loosely pinch outside with you other hand and gently pull the narrow inner ribbons to form bow, tie the narrow ribbons around your gift and admire the results.


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