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Why use good quality wrapping paper?

Posted by Lyndall Smith on

Let's face it, some of us love gift wrapping and will always go for the aesthetic over the practical. We have a theme or an overall effect in mind and will do what it takes to achieve it, whether the paper, tape or ribbon immediately cooperates to share our vision.

For most people, though, wrapping the gift is as much of a chore as choosing what to buy in the first place. This is where good quality gift wrap and the right accessories becomes essential to making this job easier.

The thicker the better? You would think so, right? Wrong, there is no point in insisting on a certain grammage or thickness for gift wrap because no matter how fantastic the wrapping paper looks flat, actually wrapping an object with thick paper will make the corners or edges look bunchy and clumsy.

Having wrapped hundreds of gifts and seen more wrapping paper samples than I care to admit (gift wrap junkie!) some of the best paper to wrap with is double-sided but not too thick or is glossy with a metallic design. This coating ensures that you get stability for folding and strength to cover the gift without putting a finger through the wrapping paper. An old favourite is ribbed brown kraft paper not just for its vintage appeal but because it was designed to wrap parcels, therefore is always up to the job.

For a professional finish we recommend double-sided or matte sticky tape, not just handy for the actual paper but also to keep ribbon, bows or gift tags invisibly secured to the position you had in mind rather than the position they had in mind!

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